The “Mental Health Review” assesses an organisation’s current efforts to manage mental health in its workplaces.

This includes an assessment of:

  • Relevant legal or regulatory requirements,
  • The organisation’s policies and procedures to promote a physically and psychologically safe workplace,
  • The effectiveness of the Employee Assistance Program in assisting employees to address critical mental health issues,
  • Workplace factors that increase the level of stress or mental health issues,
  • Workforce demographics to identify and plan for groups at higher risk of mental health and suicide,
  • Major work tasks and roles to determine those that may expose employees to greater risk of stress and mental health issues,
  • The effort made to increase employee understanding of mental health and their willingness to access assistance,
  • The supervisor training provided to help recognise and manage individuals with mental health issues,
  • Specific issues that may cause increased stress and mental health issues such as fatigue, alcohol, and drugs, working fifo and or in remote locations,
  • The support provided to assist employees with Mental Health issues to remain at or return to work,
  • Any company or location specific factors that could increase the risks of mental health issues.

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