BSS training is delivered through interactive workshops for groups of up to 20-25 participants and are facilitated by a Psychologist or another appropriate occupational health and safety professional. The training focuses on the key knowledge and skills individuals require to manage and improve their own and others’ fitness for work. This includes the opportunity to assess their own skills and behaviours relevant to the area and to develop a personal FFW profile and an individual improvement plan.

All training sessions can be fully customised and accompanied with client company branding.

To find out more about the BSS Psychology Training Programs, email our Training Team.

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Conflict Management

Register below to attend our introductory session on our new Conflict Management Program.

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Peer Support Program

Peer Support is a program in which people in industry are trained to assist workmates affected by stress.

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STOP Suicide: Training on Prevention

Increase your understanding of suicidal behaviour and provide the basic tools you need to potentially help someone in your workplace who may be at risk of suicide.

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Managing Difficult Workplace Behaviour

This training assists with understanding the emotional basis of difficult behaviour.

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Fatigue training provides individuals with comprehensive training to manage both fatigue and shift work.

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Alcohol and Other Drugs

The Alcohol and Other Drugs education program provides employees with an understanding of “fitness for work” and its importance in creating a safe workplace.

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The BSS Resilience training helps individuals to cope with challenging situations, bounce back from difficult circumstances and perform effectively under pressure.

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Short Workshops

BSS Psychology can put together a single or series of customised workshops for your team addressing specific areas of concern.

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Mental Health At Work

Mental Health At Work training provides individuals with an understanding of mental health and ill-health, and teaches strategies to
maintain their mental health.

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