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Our online presentations and videos are a great resource, providing helpful tips on mental wellness.

BSS Psychology offers an extensive video library resource, covering topics from relationships, FIFO life and conflict resolution to dealing with COVID-19, resilience and parenting. Our monthly videos will focus on a different topic each month, providing useful information and strategies to enhance mental wellness.

BSS Psychology Monthly Video

Psychology of Conspiracy Theories

Helpful information on healthy relationships.

BSS Psychology Online Videos - Available to view and download.

COVID-19 - How the Pandemic Can Affect our Mental Health

Advice on working from home and other coping strategies.

Supervisors/Leaders and EAP

Information about the BSS Employee Assistance Program for Supervisors and Leaders.

BSS Psychology Employee Assistance Program

Benefits of an Employee Assistance Program for your team.

BSS Psychology & Gryphon: Fatigue

Impacts of fatigue on the individual.

BSS Psychology Returning To Work

Tips on dealing with the return to work.

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