BSS Psychology offers flexible counselling. Sessions may be undertaken, after hours, face to face or via video or phone.


Frequent Concerns

Information on common issues or concerns. From quitting smoking, to financial stress. Tips and strategies on how to overcome everyday challenges.

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BSS Psychology provides one on one or couple counselling sessions through a variety of channels, either face to face, onsite or via telehealth.

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Better Sleep Program

Poor or unrefreshing sleep often results from psychological causes such as stress, anxiety, and depression.

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Supervisor/Leader Support

BSS provides a Supervisor/Leader and Manager support service, which offers assistance to boost the confidence of supervisory staff dealing with interpersonal problems.

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Wisdom In Your Life Workshops

Wisdom In Your Life Facilitator Storm Motohata, with co-facilitator BSS Psychologist Sara Vaz, will lead a series of workshops in South Hedland from 20 July 2023.

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Your Privacy

BSS and all its employees are required to abide by the legal, ethical and professional requirements that are mandated for any psychology practice in Australia.

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