BSS Psychology has a team of dedicated counsellors who develop content for issues that may be specific to an organisation or demographic. Custom training, presentations, online courses of videos can be developed on issues such as parenting, social media use or any topic that is creating a cause for concern within an organisation.


Roster Reviews

BSS undertakes roster assessments utilising a process based on the various Australian Codes of Practice / Regulations.

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Mental Health Gap Analysis

The “Mental Health Review” assesses an organisation’s current efforts to manage mental health in its workplaces.

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Mental Health/Wellbeing Survey

BSS has developed a process to assist an organisation to assess the level of mental health issues in its workforce and employees’ perceptions on the key risk and protective factors in their workplace.

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Acute Mental Health Management

Many organisations have a large number of employees working in locations where there is limited access to specialist mental health support and facilities.

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Fitness For Work Policy Development

BSS works with organisations to develop, and update their Fitness For Work/Fitness For Duty Policies.

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