A formal referral is initiated by the organisation (not the employee). These requests are normally due to concerns an organisation may have about an employee’s mental wellbeing.

The employee consents to participate in the process and feedback is provided back to the organisation. BSS Psychology privacy policies and procedures are adhered to at all times during this process. Below are the various types of formal referrals offered by BSS Psychology.

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Fitness for Work Assessments

Fit for work means that an individual is in a state (physically, mentally, and emotionally) that allows them to perform their assigned duties effectively and does not threaten their own or others’ safety or health.

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Wellness Support Program

The Wellness Support Program is an initiative designed to ‘check in’ with individuals who may have recently experienced an increase of stress or distress as a result of an event or general occurrence.

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Conflict Resolution

When people are in conflict, emotions run high, trust disappears, judgment becomes clouded and one or both parties feel intimidated by the other. In such situations a skilled third party can assist each person to clearly specify their concerns and identify what may assist in reducing or resolving the conflict.

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Formal Counselling

Formal Counselling may occur as part of an agreed mental health plan between the organisation and employee.

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