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Fatigue and FFW Reviews & Roster Assessments

BSS undertakes roster assessments utilising a process based on the various Australian codes of practice. This allows a detailed assessment of the design of the roster and evaluates the degree of compliance (or otherwise) with the relevant state code. The table shows a sample roster assessment and his forms part of a comprehensive report detailing any concerns and suggested corrective and/or mitigating strategies.
BSS can review an organisation's current effort to manage fatigue. This includes a review of policies and procedures, rosters, efforts to promote employee self-management and a range of other factors that impact on fatigue. The review process is based on BSS's comprehensive protocol (see below) and this forms the basis of a detailed written report setting out the finding and any required recommendations.
BSS has carried out such reviews across all the Australian states and for various international clients in the USA, Mongolia, South Africa, Namibia and a number of countries in west and east Africa.
For further information and costings for Fatigue / FFW Reviews or Roster Assessments, please contact BSS on +61 8 9211 3700 or via email: bss@bsspsych.com.au