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Customised FFW Material

Customised FFW Material is a great way to provide easily understandable information on fitness for work issues. These are fully customised for each company with logos and photos from its workplaces.

Training Manuals

For organisations with a large workforce going through BSS Training, it is often just as cost effective to customise the material with the company's style guide requirements – and it is a great way to show organisational commitment to Fitness for Work!


Each year, BSS produces a number of calendars using client organisation's own style and images. BSS provides a range of Fitness for Work and EAP related topics that can be selected from, and then placed in each month, to help get the Fitness for Work message home.
To see examples of material that can be customised, please contact BSS on +61 8 9211 3700 or via email: daniel.simpson@bsspsych.com.au