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AOD FFW Training

AOD Training provides employees with:
  • An understanding of "fitness for work" and its importance
  • The supporting programs established to manage fitness for work such as;
  • education and training
  • the Employee Assistance program (EAP)
  • induction procedures
  • fitness for work assessment including alcohol and drug testing
  • How fitness for work is assessed including the various components of an alcohol and drug-testing program
  • The procedures to manage individuals who are unfit for work as a result of alcohol or drug use or other reasons.
  • The prevalence of alcohol and drug use in the area or country
  • How the major types of psychoactive drugs stay in the body
  • Safe levels of alcohol consumption
  • The impact of inappropriate alcohol or drug use on health
  • Effects of alcohol and drugs on work performance and safety
For a costing to deliver this training, please contact BSS on +61 8 9211 3700 or via email: bss@bsspsych.com.au