Information on common issues or concerns. From quitting smoking, to financial stress. Tips and strategies on how to overcome everyday challenges.

Managing Financial Stress

Dealing with money is a significant issue for many
Australians, with one in three Australians find managing
finances stressful and overwhelming. There are many
reasons why this may be so, whether it’s been a lack of
financial education and a learned way of managing and
talking (or lack of) about money, or a more recent life
event/situation that has seen you become stuck. What’s
clear is if you are struggling with money matters, you
certainly are not alone.

BSS Financial Stress 2022


It is not uncommon for young parents to experience some significant challenges when adding a new member to the family. Meeting the needs of your new child sees significant changes to how you operate. Sleep disruption, less time for regular chores and hobbies, less time for other family members including your partner and other children, and less social interactions in general are all in the norm.

BSS Parenting 2022

Alcohol and Drug Use

Alcohol and drugs are part of everyday life and, when use in moderation, are enjoyable and can enhance our wellbeing. For example, a morning cup of coffee, a glass of wine with our evening meal or over-the-counter medication to relieve a headache are all examples of the beneficial use of these substances. However, alcohol or drug use becomes a problem when they are used in excess and can then cause physical or psychological harm.

BSS Alcohol and Drug Use 2022

Breaking the Procrastination Cycle

Our energy is precious and the brain is wired to conserve it whenever possible, so it makes sense to avoid tasks that require effort, right?

BSS Procrastination 2022

Quit Smoking

The brain likes rewards, motivating us to continue the behaviour we associate with “feeling good”. So, if we want to change a behaviour, we need to start with changing how we think about smoking.

BSS Quit Smoking 2022

Gender Affirmation

A trans-person is someone who feels that their gender identity does not correspond to the one they were given at birth. Many trans people know from a very early age that they don’t identify with the gender presumed to them at birth while others come to this conclusion later in life.

BSS Gender Affirmation 2022


The term “assertive” has received somewhat of a bad rap recently as it’s commonly misused to describe someone mean, disrespectful and inconsiderate in how they communicate. However, being assertive is an essential life skill and is proven to help reduce symptoms consistent with anxiety and depression. Furthermore, it can boost confidence and overall self-esteem when addressing potential conflicts in the future.

BSS Assertiveness 2022

What is Conflict?

Conflict is a consequence of an environment in which people’s wants, needs, and expectations are in contrast
to each other. Sometimes, we’re in conflict as a direct consequence of someone’s behaviour. At other times our conflict can be with an individual’s attitudes and expectations. It’s important to note that whenever there’s an interaction with two or more people, we experience what is known as a “conflict potential”.

BSS What is Conflict 2022

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