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Employee Assistance
BSS is the largest Western Australian owned and based employee assistance provider. BSS commenced operations in 1999 to provide EAP, training and consulting services to the resource extraction sector (oil and gas, iron ore, gold, diamonds and other minerals) and industry. BSS Directors work in the business and are readily accessible to key personnel in client organisations.
Along with our Employee Assistance Programs BSS also provides a wide range of consulting and training including :
  • Fitness For Work assessment and case management and formal referrals
  • Supervisor Support Service
  • Critical Incident Response
  • Training that includes Peer Support, Wellbeing & Resilience and Critical Incident Procedures
  • Anger management coaching program
  • Consulting in key areas (including Critical Incident planning and policy review)

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Well recognised throughout industry, BSS is an established, major provider of Employee Assistance Programs.
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Fitness for Work and Formal Referrals

If employees' problems or behaviours threaten their own or others' safety at work, BSS offers an option to formally refer to a psychologist for assessment.
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Critical Incident Response

Critical Incident Response provides psychological assistance to employees and family members who are affected by the stressful impact of the incident.
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Supervisor Support Service

A dedicated service helping supervisory staff deal with interpersonal problems.
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Peer Support

Giving onsite personnel the skill to assist workmates in time of stress.
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Specialist Programs

BSS runs a number of specialist programs, which complement a number of our other programs including anger management coaching and a memory training program.
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BSS has established itself as a major provider of training services to the Mining, Construction, Petrochemical, Energy and Transport Industries and delivers these services in all states and territories.

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