Family and Work Life Balance

3 June 2021

The way we work and manage our personal lives transforms over the years as work, family and other responsibilities change. Work-life balance refers to the relationship between your work and the other important things in your life. If you are feeling overwhelmed, fatigued and time poor, work-life balance may be something to keep an eye on.

Family friendly work arrangements can help. However, depending on thenature of your role and your financial circumstances changing your work arrangements may not be an option. Exploring your work habits, rather than spending less time on them or at work may be useful:

  • Take on the most challenging tasks at the beginning of the day,
  • Set boundaries on the work you do at home, including limits on checking and responding to emails or phone calls,
  • Set boundaries when you work from home, e.g. Keep your work area separate from family areas. And be clear with colleagues and clients about start and finish times.

Dr Adam Fraser talks about “the third space” giving yourself a space of transition which can help you shift gradually from work mode to family mode. You can use your “third space” on your commute home by listening to music or an audio book, walking or riding home or calling your partner to catch up on the day.

Doing a simple mindfulness exercise can also help. Look out for the Mindfulness online presentation coming up in July. On a personal note, a tip that has worked for me and my family is to “have a laugh”.

Focus on Women's Health

We know good health and wellbeing is important to prevent chronic diseases and long-term illnesses. The World Health Organisation (WHO) emphasises good health is more than the absence of illness; it’s a “state of complete physical, mental and social wellbeing”. It is great we are often reminded by professionals to have routine health checks like mammograms and screenings for bowel and cervical cancers. But how about the other two factors in the WHO definition of health? Whilst attending to these important physical tests, I wonder how many of us set time aside to regularly assess the mental and social aspects of wellbeing?

Are you silently whispering never? Well, you’re not alone! The majority of women find themselves time-poor to focus on their needs. When was the last time you were active, slept 7-9 hours, had a healthy meal, and connected with family and friends? How about effectively managing stress, worry and conflict?

This is your reminder to turn the spotlight on yourself – go ahead and make time to have a complete wellness check, grab a coffee with a friend, go for a nature walk and optimise your physical, mental and social wellbeing.

Supervisor / Leader Support

BSS provides a supervisor and manager support service, which offers assistance to boost the confidence of supervisory staff dealing with interpersonal problems. Typical issues BSS Psychologists have assisted with include:

  • How to deal with a stressed employee
  • How to support a grieving employee
  • How to manage a dispute between employees

For more information, call 9211 3700 or email

Stress Less on July 24th

Stress, it’s a term thrown around every day in our busy lives but if left unrecognised it has the power to impact everything from our sleep to our mood. July 24th is Stress Down Day. One of the keys of reducing stress is by identifying and owning what your stressors are, for you as an individual not compared to others. Here are some stress relieving tips recommended by our counsellors:

  • Exercise. This releases a chemical called serotonin, which helps you feel happier and less stressed.
  • Get regular quality sleep 7-9 hrs is vital.
  • Maintain a balanced and healthy diet.
  • Reduce alcohol intake.
  • Breathing exercises. This helps to tell our body we are not in danger.
  • Take action on what you can control.
  • Establish and maintain a consistent routine in your daily life.
  • Focus on the positive aspects of your life and what you are achieving.
  • Be able to say ‘no’ and ask for help when you need it.
  • Take breaks during your day.
  • Take up a hobby or interest.
  • Spend more time with family and friends.

Men's Health Week

June 14th - 21st is a week to shine a light on the importance of health for men.

Did you know, statistically men have higher mortality rates and poorer health outcomes at every stage of life compared to women? Indeed, research shows men are more likely to suffer from lifestyle related health conditions, have more accidents, have poorer mental wellbeing, and are more likely to take their own life. Whilst these points evoke a variety of feelings and sentiments, together the outlook can be improved, and it starts with you!

Men’s Health Week this year is about teams. Much like a sporting team, it takes a variety of relationships both on-and-off the field to help each player show up and be their best. Make sure you have the right supports in place on your team to look after your physical, mental and social wellbeing: family, friends, community, local interest groups, and health professionals all have something to contribute. So, how is your team line-up currently? An easy way to check the strength of your team is to write each group down and give yourself a number on 1-10, 1 being not at all engaged, and 10 being fully engaged. Its ok to not be a 10 in all areas, most usually sit between a 7-9. It’s ok to be a 1-2, so long as you acknowledge this and do something to change it.

If you want to talk to someone about aspects missing from your team, BSS is a great starting place to have this conversation. Reach out on 1800 30 30 90 to organise a confidential chat today.

Online Presentations

Each session runs for 30-60 minutes and will be uploaded at 10am Australian Western Standard Time on the date stated and will be available for 5 business days. These sessions are available at no cost.

CLICK HERE A Vimeo link will take you to the current presentation that is available for viewing or simply search BSS Psychology.

Thursday 1st July - Alcohol - How To Drink Less

Monday 5th July - Appearance Obsession

Thursday 9th July - Mindfulness

Monday 12th July - Identifying Your Work Values

Thursday 15th July - Defusing From Unhelpful Thoughts

Monday 19th July - I Just Want To Be Happy

Thursday 22nd July - Losing Someone You Love

Thursday 5th August - Building Resilience

Monday 16th August - FIFO Parenting

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