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This education program provides employees with:
  • The organisation's approach to managing "fitness for work".
  • The skills and attitudes necessary to manage fitness for work in a constructive manner (in particular to encourage employees to report when they or other's may be fatigued or otherwise unfit for work)
  • Assessing signs that individuals may be fatigued or otherwise unfit for work.
  • Providing feedback support concerns about an individual's fitness for work
  • Providing appropriate support to assist the individual to address fitness for work issues
  • Assisting employees to access medical, EAP or other assistance
  • Assisting employees to develop an appropriate plan to address fitness for work issues
  • Developing a 'FFW aware' culture in their work groups
It is a requirement of this session that all participants have previously completed the BSS Fatigue and / or AOD training (as appropriate).
For a costing to deliver this training, please contact BSS on +61 8 9211 3700 or via email: bss@bsspsych.com.au